Friday, September 7, 2007

Missy's Visit to the Vet

You probably noticed that Missy has a growth on top of her head above her left eye. A few days after we brought her home we took her to the vet to make sure everything was okay and get a biopsy on the growth. The results came back and "yea, it's not cancer"! What it is, is very rare, so rare that I've plugged it into Google in as many different permutations as I could think of and have so far come up with nothing, lots of things that aren't it though. Medically speaking; Inflamed cystic slightly proliferative sweat glands with associated dermal inflammation. She's now taking prednisone. We're hoping it will shrink the growth and alleviate the discomfort.
Other than that she's healthy as a horse and a barrel of laughs. We've learned that if we want to sleep past 3:00 AM, we need to play with her before bedtime and tire her out. Once she's tired out she'll curl up on the bed and sleep most of the night.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bicycle crash at San Ardo

Last weekend my husband and I went to San Ardo with plans for him to do the road race and me to ride the race course in the opposite direction with my girlfriend who's husband was also racing.
Everything went according to plan and my girlfriend, Sharon and I were having a very nice ride. Every now and then one of the racing groups would pass on the road going the other way, always observing the "centerline" rule. The centerline rule means that just like a car, you stay on your own side of the road. Only in a bike race that also applies while passing.
As I said everything was going great, we were having fun, waving to the occasional person we knew in the race. No problems at all until we got about 3-4 miles from the finish line of the race. This would be about 18 miles from the finish for the racers since we were traveling in opposite directions. We were out on the rolling part of Paris Valley Rd. in a flattish area with good sight-lines. We saw a large group coming toward us very fast so we knew they were either CAT 3 or Pro/1/2 riders. As they got close the riders in front began pointing us out to those behind. We were as far to the right of the road as we could get. At this point racers in the back decided this was a good opportunity to move up in the pack so they moved over the centerline and right in line with us. We had no where to go other then into the star thistle on the shoulder of the road or into the racers going at least 30 mph. At this point Sharon stopped and I having no other choice ran right into the back of her. She flew over her handlebars and landed on her face, I crashed onto my left side bruising my hip and getting road rash and bruises on my leg and elbow.
Fortunately we're both alright but unsatisfied as it looks as if the perpetrators are going to get away with it.